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Ballroom Music

This site features a vast collection of music for standard & latin dancing. If you are looking for a specific dance, you can limit results to include only what you need. It is also possible to sort the tracks by many properties, for example by genre, tempo or duration.

Should you want to find a specific track, simply search the collection to find your desired song or artist.

Dances & Favorites

If you are seeking the best ballroom music for a specific dance, simply visit the dance overview page. On that page you can look at professional dancers performing each style. You will also find recommended bpm ranges.

The true potential of this website however will reveal itself to you when you have created an account. This will allow you to save and print out your favorite tracks and most importantly: contribute yourself.


If you already have an awesome collection and would like to share a small part of it with others, feel free to sign up and send us your tracks .

Because the Spotify-API is integrated into this webapp, you can use the on-site search functionality to automatically retrieve information about the track you want to add.

You can also directly paste a spotify url into the form and press the green button with this symbol: to get all of the information about the track you want to add.

This app has just been published. If you have any suggestions or notice any bugs, don't hesitate to contact us.